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"She listens with compassion. She’s caring, interested, positive, and creative, and has a host of tools to help forge new and healthier habits"

Health Coaching

Whether you’re dealing with an illness, you want to improve your general well being, or you just want to live fuller and richer life, it can be overwhelming to figure it all out on your own. I offer you knowledge, insight, and loving support to help guide you on this path.


Trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a lifetime enthusiasm for sports, nutrition and spiritual awareness, becoming a health coach was like a dream come true. Working one-on-one in a supportive and accountable setting, has been an amazing way to share my love for wellness with others.


It would be my honor to help you open up to the amazing possibilities that are available to all of us; to the awesome potential that is already within you by creating a healthy lifestyle that you love. Eating healthy is not about counting calories, guilt or deprivation. It's  learning to love yourself and giving your body the nourishing foods that make you feel happy and alive; that are unique and personalized for you.


Working with a health coach often has lasting impact on both client and coach! We are in it together, finding the right answers for your own bio-individual needs. 


Love, Lucia


Six Month Transformation Program
  • One Hour meeting every other week

  • Unlimited emailing

  • Binder with bi-weekly handouts & literature appropriate to our work

  • Commitment: Six months

  • Cost: $150/month (total investment $900 payable in two installments of $450)




A six month commitment is recommended, allowing for two meeting per month to work through health issues and life goals that need shifting. We focus on what’s good and we will phase out all which no longer serves you. This fascinating process will be life changing, exciting and fun. Are you ready a shift? Are you ready to commit? Let Lucia help you help you learn how to interpret and respond to your body’s needs through getting to know what makes you feel your best.

"Her knowledgeable and holistic approach towards diet, exercise, meditation and other lifestyle changes inspires a gentle, realistic way to create long lasting positive changes."

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